We’re not a normal advertising agency. We worked at those and left them. We took the things we liked, left the things we didn’t. In 2009, we formed Big Blue Sky, a certified HUB agency with the state of Texas. 

We originally set up shop in a 14-foot vintage trailer – a 1971 Serro Scotty. It was small, but it worked. We outfitted it with a cloth projection screen for presentations and took it all over town. We’d set it up and meet clients at a small campground in the heart of Austin. It worked out pretty well. Sure, there was the occasional rainstorm. During one pitch, it was raining so hard on the metal roof that they could barely hear us. But we won the business anyway. Good times.

Within six months, we grew out of the trailer and into a small office. A few more big wins later, we moved into our current space in north central Austin. But the ol’ trailer has a great spot in the back under a huge Red Oak. One day we chose it as the perfect place to sit in the shade, cook up a few bratwursts on the grill and do a group brainstorming. It worked out so well, we made it a regular thing. It’s a lot of fun. And clients join us all the time. We call it “Brat-storming.”

We’ve always approached things a bit differently, and we pride ourselves on taking a different approach to our clients and their brands, as well. 

Our working mantra is Think Big. Be Different. Get Results. And we apply that to every single thing we do. In fact, you can look at some of our success stories here.

Who knows what our spirit and your brand could accomplish together? Let's find out. Shoot us an email at

– Big Blue Sky Advertising. We're Open.